Purple Sash


Jab right hand, head and body
Double Left, Double Right Hook to body
Single jab, left screw jab, right hand to the body –
left hook to body and head.
Right upper cut, left hook to body, right over the
top, left screw jab, right to body.


Front kick, round kick, side kick, all of back leg.
Front kick, hook kick (back leg), round kick
off alternate legs.
Axe kick back leg.
Axe kick front leg.
Axe kick front leg, side kick, round kick.


Hopping axe kick, front leg, right cross, double
round kick to body and head.
Front kick, round kick (front leg), spinning crescent
kick, side kick to body, round kick to head (same
Double jab, axe kick back leg, right hook, hook kick
front leg.


Spinning hook kick against shield.
Bag Work 2 * 2 min rounds
Speed work, 5 * 10sec, 5 sec rests.
Sparring, Light Continuous (optional)

Grimsby Martial Arts Academy
Made with fire on the gym!