Orange Sash


Left Uppercut front arm
Right Uppercut back arm
Left Screwshot to body
Left Screwshot to head


One Step Hook Kick front leg
Hook Kick back leg
Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick back leg
Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick front leg


Left Jab, Left screwshot to head, roundhouse kick front leg.
Right Cross, Left Hook, Side Kick, roundhouse Kick front leg.
Hook Kick front leg, Right Cross, Left screwshot, right cross.
Double Jab, Right Cross, Roundhouse Kick front leg,
hook Kick back leg.
One Step Side Kick, Hook Kick, right Cross to Body
One Step Hook Kick, Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick same leg right Hook.


Bag Work
Power Roundhouse to Air Shield
Shadow Sparring 2 * 1 min round

Grimsby Martial Arts Academy
Made with fire on the gym!