Brown Sash

Basic Kicks & Basic Punches:

Punch Combinations

Double left hook to body, left screwshot to head, right cross to head, left hook to head.
Right Cross to head, left uppercut, spinning backfist, drop down left cross to body.
4 Straight shots to head, spinning backfist, left hook, right uppercut, left screwshot, right hand over the top.

Kick Combinations

Front kick, back kick (Back leg), front kick, hook kick (alternate legs).
Spinning crescent kick, round house kick, side kick (same leg), Jumping front kick (other leg).
Hoping axe kick, spinning back kick, front kick, round kick, side kick (alternate legs).

Punch and Kick Combinations

Left hook, right hook, hook kick back leg, spinning back kick, right cross o body, left hook to head, jump roundhouse kick (front leg).
Side kick, hook kick (front leg), spinning back fist, front kick, axe kick (alternate legs), right screw shot, left hook.
Jabbing side kick (Front leg), spinning crescent kick, double jab (moving forward), jump front kick (back leg).

Self Defence

Multiple self defence moves, demonstrating defence against kicks, knifes and punches aswell as locks.

Bag Work.

Multiple bag work decided on the day.

(All above carried out in both stances)

Grimsby Martial Arts Academy
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