Brown II Sash

Brown II Sash


Right upper cut, left hook, spinning backfist,dropdown
left cross, right hook to body.
Double jab (moving forward), right hand over the top
,left uppercut, jump spinning backfist.
Left hook (Body & Head), right cross, left hook, spinning backfist, left-right-left to head.


Spinning axe Kick
Spinning hook kick
Spinning cresent kick
Spinning back kick
One step axe, spinning axe kick, (alt legs)
One step hook kick,spinning hook kick (alt legs)
One step cresent, spinning cresent kick (alt legs)


Single jab, left hook, one step hook kick, spinning
hook kick.
Jabbing side kick (lead leg), jab, right cross, left hook
spinning back fist.
Right upper cut, lefthook, upper elbow strike (back arm),
side kick, hook kick (front leg)
One step front kick, spinning axe kick, body punch,jump
front kick (back leg)
Double side kick (front leg), spinning back kick, hook kick
(opposite leg).


Bag work
Speed work
Sparring to bag


Jab – Cross – Front & Round Kick
Stretching :- various arms & legs

Padwork and Bagwork to finish:-

Grimsby Martial Arts Academy
Made with fire on the gym!