Blue Sash


Three speed Jabs, Right Cross
Double Left Hook to head, right cross, Left Uppercut
Double Jab, Right Hook, Left Uppercut, Right over top
Left Hook to body & head, Right over top, Double Jab
Jab to body & head, Right Hook to body & head.


Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick, back leg
Hook Kick, Roundhouse Kick, front leg
Front Kick front leg, Side Kick, Hook Kick back leg
Front Kick, Side Kick, Roundhouse Kick front leg.


Double Jab, Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick front leg,
hook Kick back leg.
Hopping Hook Kick front leg, Roundhouse Kick back
leg, Spinning Back Kick, right hand over top.
Crescent Kick front leg, Double Jab right hand, Double roundhouse Kick, body and head.

Spinning Crescent Kick against shield
Bag Work 3 * 1 min rounds
Shadow Sparring 3 * 1 min rounds
Sparring, Light Continuous (optional)

Grimsby Martial Arts Academy
Made with fire on the gym!