Black Belt 1st Dan Sash

Black Sash 1st Dan

All Basic punches and Kicks
Bag work (Speed Work)

One Step Side Kick, Hook Kick, Right Cross to the Body.
Left Jab, Left Screwshot to Head, Roundhouse Kick Front Leg.
Double Jab, Hook Kick Front Leg, Right Cross to Body, Left Hook to Head.
One Step Hook Kick, Right Hand Over the Top, Left Hook, Spinning Back Kick.
Double Left Hook to Head, Right Cross, Left Upper Cut.
Crescent Kick Front Leg, Double Jab, Right Cross, Double Roudhouse Kick to Body and Head back Leg.

Bagwork Power (punches only)

Left Jab, Left Screw Shot, Right Cross to Body, Left Hook to Body and Head.

Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick Front Leg, Spinning Crescent kick, Side Kick to Body, Roundhouse Kick to Head Same Leg.

Axe Kick Front Leg, Side Kick Roundhouse Kick Back Leg
Double Left Hook to Body, Left Screw Shot to Head, Right Cross to Head, Left Hook to Head
One Step Axe Kick, Spinning Axe Kick.

Jabbing Side Kick, Left Jab, Right Cross, Left Hook, Spinning Back Fist
Left Hook, Left Upper Cut, Right Elbow, Jumping Knee Back Leg.

Left Hook, Right Hook, Left Roundhouse Kick Right Roundhouse Kick, Left Uppercut, Right Uppercut, Left Crescent Kick, Right Crescent Kick.

(Multiple techniques from other lower grades along with bagwork and self defense)

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