About us

“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.”
― Confucius

The Grimsby Martial Arts Academy started off in 1998, with 4 instructors and a small following of students. Training took place in local schools and after a short time we realised that class sizes where growing and we needed to find somewhere a little bigger. We now have a 2 storey gym, the downstairs is dedicated to Boxing, where Mighty Micks are located and Boxing Cardio Training, with the upper floor of the gym dedicated to teaching of Martial Arts.

We are also home to Humber Martial Arts and RB Karate Academy who both run lessons throughout the week.

The GMAA will endeavour to provide the very best in Martial Arts tuition in order that those students training there will come away from each session understanding a little more than they did at the start and that their physical well being has improved.

Our philosophy will be and has always been, if we ask the students to perform a technique or exercise, then we should either be able to do it (age permitting) or have done it in the past. “Lead by Example”

The GMAA promises to respect and help all students who attend the lessons. Young, old, male or female, all will be treat equally and will be accepted as part of the GMAA family.